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D Magazine

The life of a traveling opera singer is anything but simple, as I was able to find out when trying to coordinate this interview with Texas native Ava Pine. Not only is she constantly having to travel from one stage to the next, but in order to gear up for her ambitious performances, she has to mentally prepare herself to make sure all of her warm-ups, exercises, and eating happen at the correct times. In fact, the lovely rolling stone has barely enough time to call any one residence her home and mostly keeps her things in storage as she continues dazzles audiences around the country…

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Opera Pulse

It’s tough work breaking into a sustainable career as an opera singer. You have your basic ten year plan: a four year undergraduate degree and a two year masters degree in performance; followed by four years of Young Artist Programs, comprimario roles, and whatever you can get. It’s not your proverbial ladder of success. Trying to “make it” from a different approach proves even harder. But at the end of the day, you’ll have to have what it takes: stamina, charm, versatility, and star power. All of which Ava Pine has in her back pocket.

Ava’s resume runs the gamut of baroque to contemporary with high accolades. Opera News wrote recently that she “all but stole the show.” Here you’ll find an artist who ran away from the calling to be an opera singer but couldn’t ignore it for very long… www real vegas online casino

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